SWIFT FOR FACEBOOK LITE-reduce size of Facebook and messenger.

Nowadays everything are fulfilled by using mobile phones. Every data is shared through mobiles, where it is handy and easy, normally choose phone over computers so far. According to needs RAM memory offered by developers are increasing but still require more space according to the upcoming needs. So there is an option to reduce size of daily using application such as Facebook and messenger. Facebook already got a lighter version called Facebook lite, as we all know. But we want to set up messenger separately in that case. Here comes Swift for Facebook Lite, an alternative for Facebook lite and messager together.

Swift For Facebook Lite is a simple, neat, free, customizable, fully functional application which can use instead of Facebook lite and messager. This application offer a simplified interface which connect both Facebook and messager together without fail. It is more convenient and easy method for Facebook users to manage their social media connections which allows to chat, call, video call with Facebook friends, send emoticon, videos, images, gift, browse newsfeed, comments etc. And also protect user’s privacy.

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  • Instantly connected to Facebook and Messenger after login or sign up.
  • Phone will not hang or crash.
  • Very simple user interface and layout.
  • Very smart and easy to use
  • A small amount of storage only required where original applications consume hundreds of MB altogether.
  • Well optimized background connection to Facebook server.
  • Only 6MB in size and storage consumption is lesser than 20MB altogether.
  • Having a built-in messenger so no need of two separate applications.
  • Having both Facebook lite and messenger in a small application so became more handy and time saving.
  • Respect user privacy.
  • Integrated with Facebook notification server, so never miss a single message.
  • Very few permissions required.
  • Compatible with older Android version
  • Allows to send images and download videos from Facebook.
  • Video calling and voice calling option with Facebook friends (for Android 5 and later)
  • Totally free without any payment!
  • Multiple account support.

Swift for Facebook Lite is an application developed by Regular Nice Guy developers and rated 4.1 in playstore with around one million downloads. About 13K reviewed about this application. Age based rated for 12+ which required parental guidance for using application by children. Application released on 26 March 2017 and last updated on 20 December 2019 with version 4.3.1. In app purchase can be opted for more features. Application request access to camera, microphone, Location, Storage and other functions which can be denied in settings. Customers or fans can follow Swift for Facebook lite on Facebook using this link: https://www.facebook.com/swiftfaceb00k/

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